A Reunion….Tony Humphries on the Roster Now!

Finally, we are ready to announce a reunion we have had in the works for a little while now. KC Management is very excited and honored to be working again with the legendary Godfather of the New Jersey Sound…

The history of Tony Humphries and Club Zanzibar is monumental in its own rite- a history that influences him every time he DJs, to this day. Tony is often referred to as a “DJs DJ,” because he will take you on a complete journey and finds his greatest pleasure with DJing, when he can work a dance floor for 6 hours or more. Two hours is a warm-up for the talents of Tony. He understands there is an experience that people want and need to escape on the dance floor.

I will never forget the first time I heard Tony Humphries spin –it was during my summer in London-back in 1993. I wasn’t booking DJs yet, but it was during this summer that all things began to form for my future career as an agent.

1993 was the same year Tony Humphries had his residency at Ministry of Sound. We were lucky enough to catch him doing a side booking at London’s now defunct, but legendary Drum Club — a club well out of his comfort zone. The night was amazing; Tony moved the dance floor like he owned it. And–from then on, I was inspired by his talent, and aspired to work with DJs like him in my future. That day eventually came, thanks to Shelton Hayes, who took a chance on working with me. Shelton understood how I valued Tony’s talents and the music, so it was a natural fit that we worked together up until I stepped out of bookings.

I am so grateful and honored to have the opportunity of returning to working with Tony again…a reunion that has made my year! Thank you Tony –for all of the continued inspiration and dedication to the music…It’s good to be back in music together!