SIREN is Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area, Startree) and Dennis Kane (Disques Sinthomme, Ghost Town). SIREN began recording in earnest during the winter of 2013, but has beginnings which date farther back, to their mutual residencies at NYC’s storied night-spot APT, and to the parties they produced together in APT’s wake. Events with names like Camille 3000, Adult Section and Strobe Lodge were lovingly presented, with bold, romantic graphics and a strong, specific statement that refinement and transgression can, and should, always hang together.


A Canal Street loft, A Bushwick print-shop, a former ballroom dance studio in Chinatown, residencies at established venues like Cielo, Love, and Output, an idyllic poolside on Long Island, a burlesque parlor – all locations which have played host to Jesrani & Kane’s unique way of playing for party people. SIREN champions a melodic and eclectic-but-unified style of playing which has earned them a following in their explorations of what makes a night of mixed music dynamic, fluid and ultimately transformative.


SIREN is currently finishing their 4th single for Munich label Compost for an early 2017 release. Their debut offering, “Gauntlet,” is a moody, rich maelstrom of a song which embraces everything from heavy disco, to West African guitar, to soundtrack and theme music, to Adrian Belew. Released in late 2014, it was met with superlative praise from fellow DJs and dance music press alike.


Their second single, entitled “A/Way” (September 2015), stands in proud, stark counterpoint to “Gauntlet.” A sunny, wind-swept trip of a song, it is a paean to a life un-hampered. “A/way” was remixed by the inimitable Faze Action and earned its place among XLR8R’s best of 2015.


Their third and most recent work, “Paradise” (April 2016) again contrasts what came before by stripping itself way down and baring its elements in a slowly-unfolding workout, which is as haunting as it is thumping and propulsive. Gavin Russom (DFA, Black Meteoric Star) backs it with a sleazy, grinding, late-night techno rendition. Earning itself praise and coverage from NPR, THUMP/Vice, Resident Advisor and others, “Paradise” has propelled SIREN into the collective ear, demonstrating creative potential beyond the confines of dance music’s habits.